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Find the best beaches in Paris

While Paris is not primarily a beach destination, there are several fun Paris beaches to choose from, including the fantastic artificial beach set up right in the heart of the city each summer. Check out our guide to the best options for beach entertainment during your Paris travel.

Paris Plages

Voies Georges Pompidou, Paris 75004;
This uniquely Parisian event sees more than 2,000 tonnes of sand laid on the banks of the River Seine each summer to create a fantastic urban beach right in the heart of Paris. Deckchairs, a floating swimming pool, sporting activities and free live concerts are all part of this amazing summer festival, which runs every July and August.


Île-de-France 95290;
Located just 32km from the French capital, this is the closest beach to the city centre. This riverside Paris beach allows visitors to relax on the sand or swim in the Oise river. A host of other sporting activities including sailing, canoeing and fishing are also available in the area. While you are there, make sure to visit the charming Gallo-Roman village center, which dates from the 1st Century BCE.


Deauville 14800;
This splendid beach area has been a favourite summer spot for Parisians for generations. The area boasts a number of top quality hotels plus all kinds of entertainment options, from swimming to adventure sports to restaurants. Located on the Normandy coast, it’s just a couple of hours’ drive from central Paris.


Promenade des Anglais, Nice 06000;
If you want to combine your Paris travel with a French beach holiday, why not take a trip to the famous French Riviera? This famous resort town features miles of beach all along its waterfront, with every kind of watersport on offer. You can get to Nice in a number of ways from Paris, including by car, train, bus or short-haul flight.

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